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The Lineage of Aikido North Sydney Inc.

Morihei Ueshiba - O'Sensei

Founder of Aikido - (Dec 14 1883 - Apr 26 1969)

“The world will continue to change dramatically but fighting and war can destroy us utterly. What we need now are techniques of harmony, not those of contention. The Art of Peace is required, not the Art of War.”


Read more about O’Sensei, his wholistic philosophy of budo & the legacy of the Ueshiba family at

Morihiro Saito – 9 Dan

(Mar 31st 1928 - May 5th 2002)

Saito Sensei was renowned throughout the world for his depth of technical
knowledge and his largely single-handed dissemination of Aikido weapons. Saito
Sensei had been training in Aikido for more than 50 years and was regarded as the world’s technical expert on Aikido. With over 30 years of teaching Aikido, he is the author of a highly acclaimed series of reference training manuals and travelled extensively around the world, including many trips to Australia, conducting seminars and spreading the founder’s legacy.


Read more about Saito Sensei and his legacy here:

Ulf Evenas – 7 Dan Shihan

After training Karate, Ulf Evenås started Aikido in 1968 and Iwama Takemusu Aiki in 1969. He became an uchi-deshi for the first time in Iwama, for six months, under Morihiro Saito Shihan in 1973, followed by many more visits to Iwama, and

Ulf stayed as a close and loyal student of Morihiro Saito Shihan for 29 years.
Morihiro Saito Shihan awarded Ulf 6 dan, appointed him as Shihan and his personal representative in 1992, and 7 dan in 2001. Ulf also has full teacher certification (mokuroku) in ken and jo, and the authorization to give ranks.

Ulf Shihan travels the world teaching Iwama Takemusu Aiki and is recognised as
one of the leading practitioners of Aiki weapons training.


Read more about Ulf Shihan here:

Roger Gibson Sensei – 6 Dan

Roger has been training at Aikido North Sydney for 35 years as he started in the North Sydney PCYC Dojo in October 1987. Roger is Rokudan Shidoin in Takemusu (Iwama) Aikido as recognised by Ulf Evenas and the Aikikai Foundation of the Hombu Dojo, Tokyo. He is also Rokudan Renshi in Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido.

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